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Server Maintenance and Repair

Server Maintenance is important because a server is the core of a company’s IT network. If it goes down, productivity and revenue will soon go with it. When you depend on your servers for important business functions, downtime can be costly. The longer an issue takes to resolve, the more expensive it becomes to fix and maintain the server. This could lead to lost sales or customers, as well as loss of employee productivity due to lack of access or slow response times from their computer systems.

Wizards@IT offers maintenance plans that keep your servers running all year long, so they are ready when you need them most! We also provide backup services if something happens with your servers, so we can restore them quickly and get you back up and running without any disruption!

We also provide proactive monitoring & maintenance plans for Windows Servers including Exchange Server, SQL Server & SharePoint Server (including hosted versions). We also offer Managed Backup Services such as Local USB, NAS or Cloud.

Server Maintenance

Do Servers need Maintenance?

Servers are sturdy machines that are designed to run non-stop and handle a large amount of network traffic. Once a server is set up, it is assumed it can run on its own with little to no human input. But such an assumption can be a costly and time-consuming affair for organizations.

Servers perform a variety of functions including email exchange server, database server, web server, FTP server, etc. They manage, store, process, and provide access to data and applications, enabling the normal functioning of day-to-day operations and services. If a server goes down, it costs the organization tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair or replacement, but more importantly the business suffers extensive loss of business and reputation.

Just like a car there are many things that need to be monitored and attended to on a regular basis. Imaging getting your new car and leaving it running 24/7 for years on end without any maintenance. You would not expect it to last too long and without regular servicing your dealer would certainly void your warranty. Your server is expected to do just that, run 24/7 year in and year out without any downtime. To ensure everything is running well, server monitoring and regular server maintenance is required. There are 3 main types of maintenance your server requires, and these are Preventive Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance and Risk-Based Maintenance.

Preventative Maintenance reduces the risk of failure and performance degradation and reduces disruptions caused by server faults.

Corrective Maintenance is to restore normal server operations after an issue or abnormality is found.

Risk- Based Maintenance is ensure high levels of performance, reliability and security in a cost effective way.

It is worth mentioning that your server should also have Cybersecurity protection as many outages can be caused by hackers rather than server hardware or software issues. Another essential item which is often overlooked are backups which are monitored and regularly tested. We are often called out to a crashed server only to find the backups have not been running for months or even years. Regular server maintenance extends the server’s useful life span and greatly reduces the chances of costly damages resulting from server crashes. Therefore, it is vital that you properly care for servers to ensure optimal server performance and avoid potential business risks.

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