Network Planning and Design: Installation and VPNs

Network planning and design

Firstly, does your business require network planning and design to improve your current IT infrastructure? Secondly, is your network having issues with speed and reliability? Importantly, are your staff having connection issues or losing data at the worst possible moment?  Do you require separate access to another office or a home via a secure VPN?

Wizards@IT will perform a network audit of your company to see where your weaknesses are.  We will then draw up a plan of attack to get your business back on track. If necessary, we redesign, supply and install network equipment based on your business needs. Network Design and Planning This will improve your network’s efficiency and reliability.

Bottlenecks are often created on a network by ad hoc add-ons, with switches incorrectly placed. Performing our network audit would identify these bottlenecks. We would make a small network design change to make better use of your network bandwidth.


Is your Wi-Fi secure?  Can unauthorised users access your internet connection or data without your knowledge?

An increased number of hackers are accessing and using personal data for illegal means. It is crucial to ensure your Wi-Fi connection is correctly set up and secured.  We will audit your current Wi-Fi checking for weaknesses. We will then redesign to ensure maximum protection for your network and data.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

We understand that secure communication is becoming more necessary in business.  As a result, we offer a product called a Virtual Private Network (VPN).  With a VPN, your business is able to transfer data safely and securely between locations. Moreover, this allows you to communicate more effectively and efficiently.

VPNs are useful to connect branch phone systems, by using one phone system across many branches. In other words, saving you money by not having to purchase multiple phone systems.

We offer management of this service which results in minimal impact to your business.

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