WizIT – Mobile Workforce

Do you need your a mobile workforce working from home, on the road or any other reason? We can assist in providing your company the remote workforce you need. This will assist your staff to continue working during lockdown restrictions, illness, or while traveling, by giving your employees full or partial access from home. We have helped numerous businesses with setting up their staff to work from home Working From Home Due to COVID-19so business can continue as usual. We can set up your staff to access your network, allowing them to continue working as if they were in the office. This means your business continues operating, minimising downtime and maintaining productivity.

Business Phone Systems

We also offer unified communication solutions; in other words, when your staff are working from home, your phone system operates as it would in the office.  Speak to us about upgrading your PBX so that your staff can take their phone handset home. This will allow the continuation of communications among staff members and interactions with clients. This also helps prevent staff working from home feeling isolated, and assists in keeping the moral of the office up.

We can also install an app on their mobile that adds their extension number for when they are on the road or working from home. Our PBX includes your own private Video Conferencing platform that requires no downloads or installation. This enables you to continue having meetings without staff having to travel to a central meeting place.

We also have advanced remote support options that allow us to setup and support those working remotely. This includes those working from home or while traveling for any reason.

Take your business to the next level and free your staff from being tied to an office or location to be able to perform their work.

Call us to discuss your needs, concerns or requirements.