WizIT Managed Services: minimising downtime

Wizards@IT offers you managed services as we understand how important IT is to the successful running of your business. The daily checking and resolving of any IT issues prevents them becoming larger. Importantly, this prevents issues that would otherwise affect your business productivity and cost money.

Managed ServicesManaged services include checking daily backups, internet connectivity and server checks.  We also provide antivirus update and firewall checks. Your network security is important to the running of your business.

The 4 hour response time we offer reduces downtime that would affect your business. Our staff manage your technology daily. With our services and support we solve problems before they affect your business. This sort of daily IT management is important to keep your IT systems running at their peak. For instance, by fixing any issues before they become major problems.  We find and resolve issues behind the scenes so you are not aware any issues had arisen.

Wizards@IT will firstly provide an IT audit of your company to map out your company's IT needs and current setup.  After that we will draw up the best service plan at a price suited to your budget. We will be sure to include any further IT needs you may have.

Wizards@IT will draw up a monthly proactive service plan to suit your business needs.  So please feel free to contact us to talk about your business IT needs.

Services we offer
  • Priority response time
  • Help desk support
  • Onsite monthly service time
  • Remote monthly support time
  • Monthly server maintenance time
  • Daily backup and server monitoring
  • System security
  • Antivirus installation & updating
  • Microsoft updates
  • Firewall updates
  • Firewall Monitoring
  • Mail queue monitoring
  • Printers and other peripherals
  • Internet and Wi-Fi
  • Business applications
  • File sharing and security
  • Evaluation and planning upgrades
  • Hardware/software procurement
  • Backups/restores
  • Disaster recovery