Latest Ransomware Demands Charity Work to Return Data

A new strain of ransomware, called GoodWill, has recently been detected. Rather than requesting money, it forces its victims to complete a series of charitable tasks in order to retrieve their data. The ransomware can leave your business unable to operate while you are forced to follow the time consuming instructions on how to retrieve your data. The instructions so far include doing a number of charitable tasks and documenting them online.

So what is Ransomware

Ransomware is typically a form of malware that will encrypt a user’s photos, documents and other files. This prevents them from accessing any data until they have followed the hackers instructions. They usually extort their victims to pay a ransom in order to receive the decryption key to recover their data.

What Goodwill ransomware demands

The GoodWill ransomware is different, rather than asking for a money, the group direct their victims to perform three good deeds. They must record them and post them on social media to supposedly encourage others to follow suit.

The ransomware’s first task requires its victims to provide clothing and blankets to people in need. They must then feed five kids under the age of 13 at a Dominos, KFC, or Pizza Hut, and take a selfie with the kids. Finally, the victims must find a stranger in hospital and pay their hospital bill.

The ransomware victims must document all of these acts and post the photos on Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp. The hacker group writes, “It doesn’t cost you high, but matters for humanity,” on their security bulletin. What is not clear exactly who they’re targeting or how they determine their victims’ capabilities to fulfil these tasks.

What can you do to protect your network

We recommend having an up to date, paid Anti Virus like Avast to protect you from ransomware and other attacks. We sell the latest cloud Anti Virus software which offers the best protection against these type of ransomware attacks. Contact us for details on hope to protect your network.