Is it time to Harden your IT Security?

Harden you IT Security

With all the high priority companies hacked in 2022 is it time you harden your IT Security? Some of the high profile companies hacked in Australia have been Optus, Telstra, Medibank, WA Health and Woolworths. So you may think hackers only target the big end of town. Think again, there were thousands of companies hacked in 2022 in Australia alone. Many did not report being hacked and either paid the ransom or recovered the data using backups or other means.

What did they have in common you may ask? Unfortunately they probably didn’t have anything in common other than being hacked. In IT things change all the time and what worked 6 months ago, even a month ago may need to be changed now. This is why it is always a good time to do a Security Audit of your systems and Harden your IT Security. The last thing you or your clients want is to get a call that you were hacked and all of their personal data, or bank details are now at risk.

With a cyber-attack being reported every 8 minutes in Australia, it’s important for businesses to understand that no protection is 100% fool proof. Protecting your business from the front-end by having a Cyber Security strategy in place is a great way to mitigate cyber risk but no matter how much time and money you spend, at the end of the day there is always a risk of a cyber crime affecting your business.

Call Wizards@IT to get your Systems Audited and we will make recommendations on how to Harden your Security. Making the recommended changes will make your Business much harder to hack and potentially prevent downtime and data loss.