WizIT Data Recovery and Restore from crashed drives

Wizards@IT can assist with data recovery and restore from crashed drives, our success rate is over 90%.

The scenario

We all know the feeling when one minute your data is accessible on your computer and the next, it is not. But if there is no data backup, what do you do next? For instance, imagine losing years of irreplaceable photos, documents or other data in just seconds. Unfortunately it does happen, and what you do next determines how likely it will be to recover the data.

Firstly, don’t bash the computer or drive, don’t try rebooting too many times, don’t get your neighbors kids to look at it. All of this will just increase the chances of damaging the drive more.

What to do

Firstly, try rebooting no more than twice; if this fails, TURN OFF the machine. A crashing hard drive head left running is damaging the disk surface more with each rotation and it does this around 7200 times a minute.

Secondly, write down which files are most important on the drive and where they are located. It is important to make a list in order of importance of what needs recovering and where it is located. Be aware the drive is damaging itself with each rotation, so saving all those pictures you already have a backup of may damage the drive beyond repair.

Once we know what you need and where it is, we can start the data recovery and restore of your files in order of importance. This will increase your chances of recovering your most important files Data Recovery and Restorebefore the drive becomes irreparable.

Most times we can recover everything on the list, sometimes there may be a damaged file here or there. Unfortunately sometimes we may recover only a fraction of the files. In the worst cases, the drive is too damaged to recover anything.

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