World’s most dangerous’ botnet brought down

Police have seized thousands of computers running one of the most dangerous hacking networks worldwide. The Emotet network obtains access to victims’ computers, via malicious email attachments, then sells it to criminals who install more dangerous malware. Police from the UK, EU, US and Canada worked together to “disrupt” Emotet. Europol called it “one of most significant botnets of the […]

Personal information leaked by Melbourne-based Council and Recruiter

Sensitive personal information leaked by recruiter A Melbourne recruiting company leaked sensitive personal information on Amazon Web Services Simple Storage Service. The online storage was left open for anyone to access for over a month. A Melbourne-based security researcher found the open storage instance on October 24. It was found to contain images of passports, driver’s licenses, tax forms, and […]

ACCC investigate Apple and Google over the way they control what Apps you can install on your Phone

As part of its ongoing digital platform services inquiry, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is joining other international agencies to investigate Apple and Google over the way they control what Apps you can install on your Phone. Apple’s App Store is a particular point of interest as unlike Android, which does allow you to install apps from elsewhere, […]

WordPress locked out of Apple App Store

Apple has been forced to make a public apology after it locked out WordPress from its app store. This was done in a move to get more profit from in-app purchases. WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg noticed on Friday that his company had been locked out. All he had to do was change the free app status of WordPress and allow […]

iOS 14 Brings New Changes to iPhone

Every year Apple launches a major iOS update that runs on all new iPhones. All new iPhones receive new features, interface tweaks and patches for security bugs. In 2020, Apple announced iOS 14 for iPhone and iPods that will be released in the fall of 2020. However, Apple launched a developer beta of iOS 14 to give developers a test […]

ACCC takes on Google in court

One of the big tech news stories recently was the ACCCs decision to take search giant Google to court. ACCC alleges that Google misled consumers when it failed to inform consumers, without their consent, that it was combining personal information in consumers’ Google accounts. ACCC alleges that Google wasn’t upfront about the changes it made a few years back regarding […]

Macs don’t get viruses, or do they?

It’s a popular misconception that Macs don’t get viruses or malware, but that’s incorrect. Whilst they may not be as susceptible to them as Windows PCs, there are certainly dodgy apps floating around for all platforms. How to Remove Malware From a Mac Do you know the name of the app bothering your Mac? You can stop it running by […]