Office 365

What is Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 gives you access to all your data via the Cloud, allowing you to work anytime from anywhere and saving you buying, maintaining and upgrading a file server.  It also gives you access to Microsoft Exchange for your email, allowing you to work from any device seamlessly managing emails, calendars and contacts with changes syncing to all other devices linked to your mail account without the need for separate email hosting, saving you money in hosting fees.

Office 365 is completely scaleable, allowing you to grow your business without having to upgrade your server, mail server or disk storage as your needs change.

Why Office 365?

Easy to set up, use and manage
Files are automatically synced across all devices
Compatible across many devices such as PC, MAC, Smartphones and Tablets
You only need to pay for the licences that you use making it fit into any budget
Stay up to date with all updates available to download
99.9% up time

Office 365 Programs: